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What kind of music do we play?

Supersonic Sounds plays the music you and your guests want to hear. Everything from classical to country, pop to hip hop, rap to rock, house, EDM, techno and everything in between. We play today's top hits, yesterdays chart topping tracks, and also have music for children of all age groups. Our collection is updated regularly, covers every genre, and consists of over 50,000+ songs! 

Whether your favorite songs are Top-40, Motown, Country, Rock, Big Band, Hip-Hop or a combination of many genres, our experienced DJ's can mix the right tunes from each style to create an event that turns passive listeners into active party participants.

We also offer KARAOKE services!

Colorful musical notes


Music can be a definitive addition to any event, and music selection is an important part of what can make or break an event, Our DJs have the knowledge, music collections, and crowd sense to make your event unforgettable.

We strive to have the most inclusive music collection, with selections from every major genre., and collections spanning from the 50's up to the most current tracks. Our DJs will have you dancing through the decades.

Just give us the age range for the audience, the type of event, a playlist or general idea of the types of songs you would like played and we will do the rest

Genres and Collections

Including, but not limited to:

Alternative, Christian Rock/Rap, Country, Pop, Rock, Top 40, Hot 100, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Swing, Big Band, Jazz, Motown, House, Techno, Trance, Electronic Dance Music, Dubstep, Latin, Grunge, Metal, Polka, Indy, Oldies, Reggae, Children's Music. Line Dances, .


Our karaoke collection is comprised of more than 65,000 songs! Karaoke can be a fun edition to almost any event. Book a karaoke event with us, or add it to any package. Click the button below to see a complete list of songs as well as information associated with karaoke events.

microphone on stand karaoke
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