What is a Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

A magic mirror photo booth is a digital, interactive photo-generating booth that adds innovative and fun features to the photo booth experience. The magic mirror incorporates the latest in technology and is controlled by a 65" touchscreen mirror that allows for reviewing, editing, printing and electronically sharing your photos.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth


We believe you can do a lot with a magic mirror photo booth.


The mirror booth is the new trend in the market besides social media and selfies, with the photo booth we can create a guest book, capture great memories, have fun and make new friends.


This will be a constant reminder of all the good times all of your friends and family had at your event and they will stay with you forever.


One of the key reasons for having a photo booth at your event is all the memories it creates and it will instantly print all the photos instantly for everyone to take with them, it's also a good party favor with the customized photo templates we create.


We ensure all the guests have a great time with our professional staff.


Keep all of your guests entertained with the magic mirror.

Our Magic Mirror Booth comes with a 65" touch-screen and everything else you see in the picture and for significantly cheaper than people charge for photo booths.